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How to Create a New Web Widget and Transfer Outdated Web Widget Settings

  1. In the administrator’s automated workplace, go to the SettingsChannels section and click Create.
  2. Select the Web widget channel type.
  3. Specify the channel name and the application name.
    These names are displayed in the filters in the supervisor’s automated workplace and in the segment settings in the administrator’s automated workplace. The maximum name length is 50 characters.
You can’t edit the application name after you save the channel. To do this, delete the channel and create it again.
  1. Follow the instructions to configure the web widget settings.
  2. Open the settings.json file of an outdated web widget whose settings you want to transfer to a new web widget.
  3. Copy all the data inside the webchat parameter from the file, along with the parameter name.
  4. Open the Settings.json editor tab of the new web widget and paste the copied data into the editor window without changing the value of the filename parameter.
  1. Specify a new value for the uid parameter for the new web widget.
  2. Transfer the outdated web widget settings for web push notifications from the Notifications tab.
    See the instructions for configuring web push notifications.
  3. Click Save.
  4. Follow the instructions to install the new web widget on your website.

After installing the new web widget on your website, deactivate or delete the outdated web widget in the administrator’s automated workplace.

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