Jivo Module

In this article, we will cover connecting a WhatsApp channel to the Jivo chat platform. Jivo is a platform for communicating with clients through digital communication channels. For more details, refer here.

Once you enable a Jivo module, you can:

  • Receive messages from WhatsApp users in Jivo
  • Respond to these messages in Jivo
  • See the text of the broadcast in Jivo when a client responds to a broadcast launched in edna Pulse. To enable this functionality, send a respective request to our support team: support@edna.io.

To connect a WhatsApp channel to Jivo:

  1. Create a WhatsApp channel on edna Pulse.

  2. Register at Jivo.
  3. Set up integration with Jivo on the edna Pulse. To do this, go to Integration > Available modules in edna Pulse.
  4. Select the Jivo module and click Enable.

You can only do this if you have at least one active WhatsApp channel.
  1. Confirm connecting all channels to the Jivo platform. If you have several active channels, and you only want to connect one of them, then click No and send a respective request to the support team: support@edna.io.
  2. Set up integration of the WhatsApp channel for the Jivo platform.
Specifying Settings for API
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