Navigating Threads

You, as an agent, can only chat with one client at a time, i.e. have a dialog in one thread (the dialog will display in the central part of the page). All of your other threads are pending either a client’s or an agent’s response and are still available in your queue.

To navigate your threads, you can:

  • Press Alt + N to open the next thread in the queue that is pending an agent’s response (if any).
If you have only one thread in your queue and you have already processed it (so that it is pending the client’s answer), and now you want to switch to the Inactive status, but the system still warns you that you need to respond to this thread beforehand, you can also use the Alt + N combination. Thу system hides this thread, it disappears from your queue, and you are moved to the Inactive status.
  • Press Alt + ↑ or Alt + ↓ to move you up and down the threads in your queue.
  • Click any thread to open it. 

You can also use Alt + N to add more threads to your queue than the max number of your sessions set by your admin. You can only do this if:

  • You are in the Active status;
  • None of the threads in your queue is pending an agent’s response.
Thread Indicators in Queue
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