5.11.3 (July 21, 2023)

New features

  • We’ve implemented fast navigation in threads on the History tab in the Supervisor WP:
    • to the last message in the thread;
    • to the first message in the thread.
  • Now, tags assigned to the last thread in history are displayed in the View chat history modal window.
  • We’ve added support for a new Ozon chat channel.


  • We’ve restored the masking of the card number in the Agent WP.
  • We’ve fixed the behavior when clicking Cancel after switching to an inactive status did not return the agent to the previous Out status.
  • In the Agent WP, the correct playback of voice messages was restored.
  • We’ve fixed the behavior when the “>” symbol was not displayed in the message text in the agent personal queue.
  • We’ve fixed the behavior when the Supervisor WP did not display the client’s rating in the thread view on the History tab.
  • We’ve fixed the display of icons for the number of threads in the personal queue and pinned messages in the Agent Status widget in the Supervisor WP.
  • We’ve fixed changing the order of route points using drag-and-drop in the Administrator WP.
  • We’ve removed the Mail field from the chatbot profile.
  • We’ve restored the display of component versions on the authorization page.
5.11.4 (July 28, 2023)
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