Queue Widget

Use the Queue widget of the Monitoring tab to review the state of the contact center’s queues.

The Queue widget helps you analyze the number of the following:

  • The Threads section:
    • Distributing – Threads that are still in the general contact center queue and are pending to be assigned to the agents’ personal queues. For the selected agents, the system displays the queues that have been transferred to these agents and have not been assigned to them yet (because the agents are either inactive or have no available sessions).
    • In progress – Threads that the agents have open (that is, active) in the chat area.
    • Waiting for agents – Threads that are pending an agent’s response. This parameter includes the threads that have unanswered messages from clients or that have been transferred from another agent.
    • Waiting for clients – Threads where agents have already answered the clients’ messages and are waiting for them to answer back with the thread closure timeout started.
  • The Free sessions section:
    • For active agents – Free sessions of the agents that have the Active status. The system allocates new threads to these free sessions.
    • For agents not receiving threads – Free sessionsof the agents that have the Out or Active (finishing) status.
    • For inactive agents – Free sessions of the agents that have one of the Inactive statuses: Not ready, Lunch break, Short break, Training, Meeting, Technical break, Inactive (kicked out).
  • The Pinned messages counter: The messages that are currently pinned and not resolved by the agents.

The system constantly updates the numbers in the queue widget within several seconds after each change.

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