Closing Threads

When you finish processing a client’s thread, you need to close it. There are two ways a thread can be closed:

  1. Automatically when the specified period passes. This happens if:
    • The last message in the thread is sent by an agent, or if a client closes an unauthorized webchat.
    • The thread isn’t open in the chat area (when it is pending the client’s response) and the thread closure timeout has started.
    • The client doesn’t send any message before the timeout ends.
  2. Manually by an agent
    You can close a thread whenever you need to by pressing Alt + Q or clicking the Close thread button located in the thread operations menu.

    When you close a thread, edna checks who was the last one to send the message in it – a client or an agent. If there is an unanswered message from a client in the thread, we recommend that you do respond to it before closing it. The system throws you the following warning message:

    Also, there might be an additional mandatory condition set by the admin to assign tags to a thread before closing it. In this case, you first press Alt + Q (or click Close thread ) to assign tags and then do it once again to close the thread. However, if the system closes the thread when the timeout ends, it ignores this setting.
Assigning Tags to Threads
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