Selecting Tags for Departments/Skills

  1. On the Settings tab of the admin WP, select Agent work place > Saved replies and tags.
  2. In the left section of the Saved response templates and tags page, select a folder where you want to add a tag.
  3. Open the Tags tab on the right.
  4. Click the Find and add a tag field and search for or the tag that you want to add to this folder. You can search by text, if necessary.

  5. Click the required tag to add it to the folder. Note that if this tag is not a one-level tag, you cannot select its parent tag only (it is greyed out), you need to select the child tag.

    The tag you select appears in the tag cloud for the folder. You can select as many tags as you need for this folder.

After you add the tags to the folder, the agents that match the folder requirements (that is, the agents that belong to the department or have the skill the folder represents) can use them when processing threads.

Creating Tags
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