Specifying Settings for API

Use the Settings tab of the Integration page to review/generate an API key and specify callback URLs.


On the Settings tab of the Integration page, you can review and copy your current API key to use in edna API requests or generate a new one. You need to add the API key to your settings. If the API key is incorrect, you cannot use edna API methods.

To generate a new API key:

  1. In your edna dashboard, go to the Settings tab of the Integration page.
  2. Click Generate a new API key.
  3. Copy the key and make sure to change it in your settings.

Callback URLs

On the Settings tab of the Integration page, you can also specify the values for Callback URL for broadcast statuses, Callback URL for incoming messages, and Callback URL for managing API.

Via the specified URLs, you will receive incoming messages from your clients, statuses of your broadcasts, and updates on changing in settings. The URL address you specify must exist and be available for a request from the public Internet. To verify its availability, we will send a HEAD request, to which a response with the status 200 is expected. If we do not receive this response, the system will try again (up to 10 times: after 2, 4, 8 seconds, and so on). If we still fail to receive a response with code 200, the system will not be able to register your callback URL.

You can edit and/or delete the URL you added earlier.

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