What is edna Chat Center

edna Chat Center is a flexible, scalable solution for contact centers that helps to process requests from clients from non-voice channels in a single convenient space. edna Chat Center cab be easily integrated into your current IT infrastructure, and it also supports integration with various sales systems (like CRM and HelpDesk), time management systems, chatbots, etc.

edna Chat Center provides workspaces (commonly referred to as WPs) for three roles with the respective capabilities:

  • Agents (contact center operators)
  • Supervisors (those who manage agents and their work)
  • Administrators (those who manage general settings of edna Chat Center for their contact center: segmentation, routing, agent chat settings, chatbot configuration, etc.)


You can connect the following channels to edna Chat Center:

  • Web widget, both authorized and unauthorized – This is a chat that is embedded into a company’s website, where clients can start their chat with the contact center
  • Chat in a mobile app – The same as web widget, but such chats are embedded into the company’s app using SDKs for Android and iOS (also both authorized and unauthorized)
  • WhatsApp
  • Email
  • Telegram
  • Viber public
  • Viber Business Messenger 
  • Apple Business Chat 

You can connect several channels of the same type to one stand.

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