Closing Threads

In the chat history, you can close any agent’s or bot’s thread that is not closed yet. You can also leave an internal comment when closing, if necessary.

After a supervisor closes a thread, the client receives the following:

  • A notification on the thread closing (if configured in the admin WP)
  • A survey to rate the consultation (if it was configured to be sent after any user closes a thread). If it was configured to be sent after an agent closes it or if it closes on the timeout, the survey won’t be sent.

To close a thread:

  1. In the Threads list on the History tab, click a thread that you want to close.
  2. Click the Thread actions button and select Close thread.

    Alternatively, you can click Thread actions > Close thread in the for the required thread in the Threads list:

  3. If you want to leave a comment that will be visible to your colleagues as a system message in the thread, select the Leave a comment to employees check box and enter you comment.

  4. Click Close.

    The system closes the thread. The system message appears in the thread, the name of the supervisor who closed the thread and their comment (if any) is specified in the message.

Transferring Threads
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