Version 1.3 (June 23, 2022)

New features

  • Now, when creating a broadcast, you can add a comment: any string, including strings with recipient variables. This comment is returned in the callback method of retrieving message statuses.
  • In broadcasts with call-to-action link buttons, you can now add a dynamic link: for that, in an operator template, you need to specify a fixed part of the link, and then, when creating a broadcast with this template, add the required dynamic part at the end of the URL.
  • We have improved email notifications you receive when there’s little funds left on your account balance. The new format of the notification is more informative. Also, in your dashboard, a notification is now displayed about the risk of broadcasts being blocked due to the same reason.
  • On the Channels page, we have added the Subject ID parameter – a unique identifier that every channel gets after it is successfully registered. When working with API, you will receive this ID in the following methods: retreiving a list of channels, receiving messages and their statuses.
  • On the Analytics page, we have adjusted the rarest reason codes of SMS non-delivery: now all errors from mobile operators are explained correctly.


We have fixed the behavior based on which when sending closing documents by email, sometimes the name of the attached file was incorrect.

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