Retrieving Message Statuses

You can use the callback functionality to retrieve information about the message status change. This request sends this information to your server along with the request parameters in the request body.


To retrieve message callback statuses, during registration, you need to specify your system’s API endpoint that will process incoming POST requests from API-edna.

Only the HTTPS protocol is supported.

Example of the Body of an Incoming POST Request

        "requestId": null,
        "cascadeId": 1,
        "cascadeStageUUID": "001-test001",
        "subject": "test_subject",
        "subjectId": 345,
        "status": "FAILED",
        "statusAt": "2021-01-21T08:00:00Z",
        "comment": "Comment",
        "error": "error-subject-unknown"

Request Format

ParameterData typeDescription
requestIdStringMessage ID
cascadeIdLongCascade ID
cascadeStageUUIDStringNull or data
subjectStringSubject name
subjectIdLongSubject ID. To retrieve the ID, use the channel-profile method.
statusAtStringThe last time the status was updated, displayed in the ISO 8601 format. For example, 2021-01-21T08:00:00Z
commentString (optional)Text comment used the the message was sent. It is displayed in the detailed message report. Can be used for chatbot routing.
errorString (optional)Possible values: null or data

An error that occurred while processing the message. You can see the list here.

Response Format

As a response to the request from your server, its status with code 200 must return.

Delivery Statuses

sentThe message has been sent
deliveredThe message has been delivered
readThe message has been read
undeliveredThe message was not been delivered
cancelledSending of the message is canceled
delayedSending of the message is delayed
enqueuedThe message is in the queue to be sent
expiredThe message hasn’t received the delivered status within the period specified in the message or the 24 hour period since it was sent
failedThe message wasn’t sent due to an error
More delivery statuses might be added. Please consider this when setting up the integration.


not-whatsapp-user(WhatsApp only) the recipient is not registered in WhatsApp
no-match-templateThe message doesn’t match the registered templates
session-not-startedThe message doesn’t match the registered templates
daily-rate-limit(WhatsApp only) the daily template message limit exceeded
too-long-messagethe message length limit exceeded
chat-window-closed(WhatsApp only) failure to open a chat window on WhatsApp side
media-request-failedfailure to download media
error-subject-unknownThe specified signature isn’t allowed. All signatures must be registered first
error-address-formatThe client’s number is incorrect
duplicatedThe message duplicate was attempted to be sent within 5 minutes
More delivery statuses might be added. Please consider this when setting up the integration.
Errors When Sending Messages
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