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Getting Message Status (imOutMessageId)

The method described in this article is only intended for SME.

As a result of the request, the message delivery status with identifier will be returned. If the request is fully completed, you receive a response from the server that contains a JSON object with data on the current status of messages.

Request Endpoint

Make a GET request to this URL: https://im.edna.io/api/imOutMessage/imOutMessageId, where imOutMessageId in the path is the ID of the message, the status of which should be returned.

Request Format and Parameters

As a GET request, it doesn’t have a body and parameters, except the message ID that is passed as a part of the URL.

Response Format

The response body contains a JSON with the message delivery status and details.


If the message was not delivered, the reason will be indicated:

    "imOutMessageId": "test-001",
    "dlvStatus": "undelivered",
    "dlvStatusAt": "2021-01-15T11:41:20.000+0000",
    "dlvError": "not-whatsapp-user",
    "code": "ok"

Response Parameters

imOutMessageIdstringMessage ID
dlvStatusstringMessage delivery status, refer to the Available status codes article for more details.
dlvStatusAtstringTime of recent status update. The time format is YYYY-MM-DDTHH:mm:ss.SSS+TZ (for example, 2020-01-29T13:05:07.000+0300), where date and time values are separated with “T”. “07.000” is for seconds and milliseconds.
dlvErrorstring (optional)Message delivery error, refer to the Available status codes article for more details.
codestringResponse status code