Adding WhatsApp Channels

WhatsApp is a simple and efficient channel that you can use to communicate with your clients. It lets you offload some work from your employees by streamlining their daily processes in sales, support, and other client-oriented tasks.

In edna, you can use WhatsApp Business API to set up a WhatsApp channel for your company. Access to the data is provided by Meta’s official partners (as the WhatsApp messenger is owned by Meta), and edna is one of such partners.

Before you can start communicating with your clients via WhatsApp, you need to do the following:

1. Create an account in Facebook Business Manager (FBM).
2. Fill in ALL data about your company in Facebook Business Manager in section Business info.
3. (optional) Complete the FBM verification process. This will allow you to send more than 250 template messages per 24 hours and get an official status (green mark).

To add a WhatsApp channel for your company’s WhatsApp business account in the edna Pulse:

  1. Log into your dashboard in the edna Pulse.
  2. Go to Settings > Channels.
  3. Click Add channel and select WhatsApp from the drop-down.

  4. On the page that opens, in the Enter Facebook Business Manager ID field, enter your company ID in FBM and click Check. This sends an inquiry to Facebook to verify the company ID.

  5. Once verified, enter the following details to register your WhatsApp channel in edna (all fields except URL to Facebook page are required):
    • Internal channel name – The name of your channel in the edna Pulse (for example, WA for Marketing)
    • Country code – The country code of the phone number that you are registering
    • Phone number the WhatsApp Business Account will be registered to – The phone number the clients will get messages from and sent messages to
    • Display name – The sender’s name (for example, Good Money Consulting). This will be the contact name your clients will see when they receive the messages from you.
    • Company address – The company’s business address
    • Brief descriptions of the company – A brief description of what the company does
    • Company e-mail address – Your company e-mail address
    • Company website – The company’s website starting with https://. You can add more than one website, if necessary, by clicking the Add website button. You can also add links to profiles of your company in social networks here.
    • Type of business – The type of service your company provides. You need to select what applies to your company from the drop-down. The field is mandatory.
    • WhatsApp account status that clients can see under the name of the account – Additional status information for the account. The status will be displayed under the account name on your company the profile of your account; you can change it later via your personal manager.
    • Logo – Your company logo. To add a logo:
      1. Click anywhere in the Logo field.
      2. In the window that opens, browse to where the logo is stored and select it. The logo file can only be in the .jpg or .jpeg formats.
      3. Click Open.
      4. In the window that opens, select the area you want to display on the logo, resize the image, if necessary, by using the + and buttons, and click Ok once the logo image is ready.
        The Logo field on the Create WhatsApp Channel page fills in with the selected logo thumbnail.
    • URL to Facebook page – URL to your company’s page on Facebook
    • An alternative company name by which your client can recognize you – A name or acronym that your clients can recognize you by (for example, ABC, ABC consulting, ABC Moscow, etc.) You can specify more than one alternative name, if necessary, by clicking the Add an alternative company name button.
  6. Once done, click Save to save the configuration or Send to registration to submit the channel for registration to the operator (in this case, Meta).
  7. In the confirmation message, click To the list to go back to the Channels page, or close it to remain on the channel registration form.
  8. On the Channels page, review the status of the new channel in the State column.

  • Draft – The channel is a saved draft. You need to register it to be able to use the channel.
  • Under consideration – You have submitted the channel for registration, and it is being reviewed by the operator.
  • Attention required – The registration has been unsuccessful due to one of the following reasons:
    1. You need to verify your company account in Facebook Business Messenger.
    2. You need to approve the request from edna to start messaging in WhatsApp on behalf of your company’s account.
    3. You need to verify the phone number you entered: get the verification code and send it to edna.

      Whatever the reason is, you will get a notification and receive all required instructions by email.
  • Correct – The channel has been verified, and you can start using it.
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