Setting Up Numerical Values

You define numerical values for agent sessions (KPI metrics, max number of transfers in threads, etc.) using the Numerical Values page.

  1. On the Settings tab of the admin WP, select Agent work place > Numerical values.
  2. Enter the required numbers in the fields in the Sessions settings section.
    • Max pinned messages per agent – The maximum number of pinned messages an agent can have in work (on their Pinned tab in the agent WP).
    • Max transfers per thread – The maximum number of times a thread can be forwarded by agents to other agents. When an agent tries to transfer a thread that has reached its transfer limit, they receive a warning that forces them to process the thread by themselves.

  3. In the Agent KPI section, specify the values for agents’ KPI metrics.
    • Closed threads per hour KPI – The target number of threads an agent needs to process and close within an hour of his active shift time. You set this metric by default for all new agent profiles until you personalize their KPIs for them individually. Agents see this metric (and whether they meet it) in their personal statistics in the agent WP:

    • Highlight it in the agent WP if a thread has been active for more than (in minutes) – The number of minutes after which you want the system to highlight the thread active line in the Client data service message that appears in the chat area for every thread in the agent WP (if the specified time has not passed (not highlighted) and if the specified time has passed (highlighted in red)):

    • First reply time, sec – The target time (in seconds) within which an agent needs to send their first reply in a thread. Their average first reply time is also displayed in their personal statistics.

  4. Save your changes.
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