Available Status Codes

Request Processing Codes

  • ok – The message has been accepted for processing.
  • error-system – System error
  • error-content-do-not-match-hsm-template – The message does not match the registered HSM template.
  • error-insufficient-balance – Not enough funds on the balance. Please top up your balance in your dashboard or contact your personal manager.
  • error-id-not-unique – The message ID is not unique within the entire interaction.
  • error-subject-format – Invalid format of the subject value
  • error-subject-unknown – The subject is not allowed for this client.
  • error-address-format – Invalid format of the address number
  • error-address-not-specified – The request parameters miss the required address number.
  • error-priority-format – Invalid format of the priority value
  • error-start-time-format – Invalid format of the start time value
  • error-validity-period-seconds-format – Invalid format of the validity period value
  • error-content-type-format – Invalid content type
  • error-im-type-not-specified – Type of the messenger is not defined.
  • error-attachment-url-not-specified – Empty attachmentUrl in message
  • error-latitude-not-specified – Latitude is not defined.
  • error-longtitude-not-specified – Longitude is not defined.
  • error-content-type-format – Invalid format of the message content type
  • error-content-format – Invalid format of the message content
  • error-content-type-not-specified – Content is not defined.
  • error-comment-format – Invalid comment format
  • error-subject-id-format – Invalid ID message
  • not-template-match – Invalid message template
  • not-whatsapp-user – The address is not a WhatsApp user.
  • not-viber-user – The address is not a Viber user.
  • user-blocked – User was blocked.

Error in Connector

  • error-system-blocked – System is blocked
  • error-syntax – Invalid syntax
  • error-unauthorized – Not unauthorized
  • error-not-found – Error not found

Message Delivery Codes

  • enqueued – The message is in queue for sending.
  • expired – The message did not receive the delivered status for the period specified in the message or did not receive the delivered status within 24 hours from the date of sending.
  • sent – The message has been sent to the address.
  • delivered – The message has been delivered to the address.
  • undelivered – The message has been sent, but can’t be delivered to the address.
  • read – The message has been read by the recipient.
  • failed – The message could not be delivered to the specified address.
  • no-match-template – The message doesn’t match any of the allowed template.
  • delayed – Message delivery is delayed according to the specified start time.
  • cancelled – The message has been cancelled.
Callback Functions