Receiving List of Channels

Use this method to receive a list of channels with their details.

channel-profile Method

A successful request using the channel-profile method returns code 200 with a JSON object that contains a list of channels with their details. If the request fails, the server returns a response with an error code.

To receive a list of channels with their details, send a GET request to

Request Format

An empty JSON object is passed in the request body.

Response Format

As a response to the request, a JSON array that contains the channel data is returned.

        "id": 0,
        "name": "My New Channel",
        "subjectId": 537,
        "subject": "mynewchannel_wa",
        "active": true,
        "registrationStatus": "NEED_VERIFY",
        "type": "WHATSAPP",
        "instruction": "Verification is required. Follow the link to verify your account:"
ParameterData typeDescription
idintegerChannel identifier
namestringChannel name
subjectIdintegerSubject identifier.

IMPORTANT! We will provide this parameter for active channels only. If the channel is inactive (not fully registered) we will not provide this parameter for this channel
channelAttributestring (optional)Phone number. Valid for action WhatsApp channel only
subjectstringSubject name
activebooleanValue that specifies whether the channel is active: true — the channel is active; false — the channel is inactive (currently not working)
registrationStatusstringChannel registration status
typestringChannel type. Values are: WHATSAPP, SMS, VIBER
instructionstringInstructions for further steps of the channel registration

Request Response Codes

  • ok – The request has been completed successfully.

If there are no channels, an empty array ([]) is returned.