Verifying Your Business in Facebook Business Manager (FBM)

Business Manager is a Meta tool that helps you organize and manage your business.

As the WhatsApp messenger is owned by Meta, before you can use your WhatsApp Business Account (WABA) for messaging with your clients in edna platform, you need to verify your business in Facebook Business Messenger (FBM). Do the following:

  1. Log in to FBM and start verification.
  2. Verify your legal business name, address, and phone number.
  3. Select the verification method and enter the code.

FBM saves your progress. If you leave the verification process, you can go back to where you left off by clicking Continue on the Security Centre page.

Logging in to FBM and Starting Verification

  1. Log in to your Facebook Business Manager account using this link.
  2. Click the All Tools button and select Business Settings or follow this link to open Business Settings.
  3. Go to Security Centre and click Start Verification.
  1. On the page that opens, in 1. Enter your business details, enter the business details of your company exactly as specified in your legal documents that you will later upload. If the details in the legal documents are different from what you enter here, FBM will not verify your business.

    If possible, we recommend that you skip the Street address 2/locality field and enter all the required information in the Street address field instead to speed up the verification process.
For Business phone number, enter the number specified in your company’s phone bill or bank statement. This is not the number that you will use for messaging via WhatsApp Business Account.
  1. Once done, click Next.
  2. In 2. Select your business, FBM lists all possible legal entities that might be your business. Select the radio button next to the entity that correctly displays your business information, including the phone number (FBM will use the phone number specified here to send you a verification code or call you to verify the number).

    If nothing from the list matches your business or if you cannot receive the code to the phone number listed, select the radio button next to None of these match and click Next.  

Verifying Your Business Legal Name, Address, and Phone Number

In 3. Verify your legal business name and 4. Verify your business address or phone number, you need to upload documents to verify the name and details of your legal entity. The name and the details of the entity in the documents you upload must exactly match the ones you entered in step 1. Enter your business details.

Document Requirements

In the following table, you can review the documents accepted for:

What to verifyWhat documents to use
Legal nameBusiness license
Certificate of formation or incorporation
Tax or VAT registration certificate
Address/Phone numberBank statements
Entity permit from any level of government
Utility bill, e.g.: water, electricity, phone bill (phone bill should have the phone number where you’ll receive the verification code)
Certificate of formation
Tax registration certificate (or exemption certificate)

If you need more country-specific examples of the acceptable documents, you can see them here (for the legal name) and here (for the address/phone number).

If you are verifying a government entity, upload the following documents:

  • For the legal name: an entity permit from the government or a government letterhead.
  • For the address/phone number: a utility bill or a government letterhead showing official phone number, address, website.

Uploading Documents

  1. In 3. Verify your legal business name, from the Select the document language drop-down, select the language of the document you are uploading.
  2. Drag and drop the file you want to upload into the corresponding area, or upload it from your folders. The following formats are supported:
    • .pdf
    • .png
    • .jpg
  1. Click Next.
All details in the documents that you are uploading must exactly match the business details you specified earlier.
  1. In 4. Verify your business address or phone number, upload the appropriate documents by repeating the previous steps.

Selecting Verification Method and Entering Code

In 5. Choose a verification method, you need to select one of the methods listed that FBM can use to contact you. Do the following:

  1. If you want to receive a verification call to the number specified, make sure the number is correct in My business contact phone number, select the required language from the Language drop-down, and click Call Me Now. Then, answer the phone, enter the code, and click Submit. We recommend using this verification method.
  1. If you want to receive the code to your business email address, enter it in the field in My business contact email address and click Send Email. Then, enter the received code and click Submit.
  2. If you want to get verified using your business domain, in My business domain, click Verify Using Your Domain. For more details on this process, refer to the Verifying Your Business Domain section of this article and the About domain verification in Business Manager article.

Verifying Your Business Domain

For successful domain verification, you need to have a special code added to your business website by the webmaster. Verify the webmaster has all required access rights for this before starting the verification process.

Logging in to FBM and Starting Verification

  1. Log into your Facebook Business Manager account using this link.
  2. Click the All Tools button and select Business Settings or follow this link to open Business Settings.
  3. Go to Brand Safety → Domains and click Add.
  1. In the window that opens, enter the domain name you want to associate with your business and click Add.

Selecting Verification Method

  1. On the Domains page, from the Select one option drop-down, select a convenient verification method and complete its steps as specified on the page.
    • Add a meta-tag to your HTML source code: Add the <head> meta-tag to the home page of your business website.
    • Upload an HTML file to your root directory: Upload the HTML verification file to your business website (you will need the admin right to your website’s root folder for that).
    • Update the DNS TXT record with your domain registrar: Add a text record to your domain host to confirm that the domain belongs to your business. Most of the domain hosts allow this, but the steps you need to take might be different. If you need assistance, contact the domain host support or use their technical documentation, if available.
  1. Click Verify Domain. If successful, the status next to your domain name changes to Verified.


Below is a list of common issues you might run into while working with your WhatsApp Business Account (WABA) in Facebook Business Manager.

The Start Verification button on the Security Centre page in FBM is unavailable.1. Make sure that you accepted the request to manage your WhatsApp account. If yes, then go to Facebook for Developers and create an app. 
2. Associate the new app with your Facebook Business Page.
The call with the verification code does not go through.Make sure that your IVR system is configured to accept and route the calls from abroad.
However, this method might work poorly in the Russian Federation. In this case, to get a verification code, we recommend you to use your email or verify your domain.
Facebook has not verified my company because the company’s name and address in FBM do not match the legal name and address provided in the uploaded documents.Correct it and reupload the documents. The company’s legal name and address must match the ones provided in the uploaded legal documents.
Facebook has not verified my company because the company’s name is not specified on the company’s website.Add the name of the company to the website (for example, to the website’s footer or the contacts page) and repeat the verification process. 


Why do I need to verify my business in Facebook Business Manager?The WhatsApp messenger is owned by Meta. Meta requires a customer’s business to be verified through FBM to connect to the company’s WhatsApp Business API.
Who needs to go through the verification process in Facebook Business Manager?Any business that wants to use the WhatsApp Business API channel in edna.
How long does the verification process take?Normally, it takes 10 working days to get verified, but in some cases, it might take longer than that.
What do I do if the verification process is taking too long?Contact your edna account manager. They will be able to consult you on the possible reasons why the verification process is taking longer than expected and will help you with the steps you can take to speed up the process.
How do I know if my business has been verified?In your account in FBM, you will get a notification that your company has been verified and its status will be changed to Verified.
How do I know if my business verification has failed?In your account in FBM, you will get a notification that your company has not been verified.
What do I do if my business hasn’t been verified?Contact your edna account manager. They will assist you in the next steps to get your business verified.

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