Keeping High Account Quality Rating

Every phone number connected to WhatsApp Business API has its quality rating. This rating is generated based on the number of complaints received from users. A user can report spam, complain about receiving broadcasts they did not consent to, complain about offensive communication, or just block an account for no reason. Your account quality affects the limit of HSM messages that you can send within 24 hours. If users send complaints about your account, this limit does not increase – and it might even decrease. To make your limits increase, you need to keep high account quality and send more HSM messages. For more details on the limits, refer here and here.

Consider the following recommendations for your account quality rating to remain high.

HSM Messages

  • Explicit consent
    Get explicit consent from a user to receive messages via WhatsApp from you.
  • Clear instructions on how to unsubscribe
    Provide the users with clear instructions on how to unsubscribe from your broadcasts. They need to be able to do it at any time. In this case, instead of sending complaints, the users will just unsubscribe, and your rating will not decrease.
  • Timing of broadcasts
    Do not send your broadcasts at weekends, early in the morning, and late at night.
  • Several phone numbers
    Connect several WhatsApp phone numbers and distribute your broadcasts among them so that it is less risky if the quality rating of one of them decreases.
  • Broadcasts frequency
    Do not send broadcasts too frequently. You can try it several times to define the optimal frequency of the broadcasts and then use it further.
  • Negative content in messages
    Avoid sending broadcasts with negative content (for example, messages about debt collection, debt reminders, etc). Such messages always tend to receive negative feedback.
  • Message personalization
    Send personalized messages. Personalize how you address your client and the message content as well.
  • Importance of the message to a specific client
    Let the client know why they received this specific message (for example, they were interested in a particular sneaker model before) and why it is important to them. You can also inform the client they agreed to receive this broadcast earlier and that is why they received this message.
  • Timely content
    Send messages with timely content, for example, do not send messages about sales that are already over or about to be over.
  • Broadcast testing
    Test the broadcast on a smaller audience before sending it to a bigger number of clients. This will help you control the quality rating.

Two-Way Communication

  • Timely reaction to users request
    Timely react to the requests/messages from your users, especially if the issue is urgent or important.
  • Quality answers from a chatbot
    Make sure your chatbot responses are appropriate and non-repetitive without too many additional questions.
  • Routing from a chatbot to a person
    Your chatbot must transfer a user issue to a person if the issue is complex. Also, the user must have the option to get the chat transferred to a person.
  • Respectful communication
    Be respectful to your clients.

What to Do If Rating Has Decreased

If your account quality rating has decreased, try following these steps to increase it:

  1. Make sure you follow all the WhatsApp community guidelines: you can review them here and here.
  2. If you use templates for yot broadcasts, define the templates that the users do not like, study the reasons why the users might complain about them, and correct them accordingly.
  3. Make sure all users have explicitly agreed to receive broadcasts from you and that the consent process is clear and transparent.
  4. Check how often you send messages to a client. Calculate the optimal frequency and do not exceed this limit.
  5. Send less personalized HSM messages. Concentrate on selective communication.
  6. Make sure that your chatbot works correctly and that it has an option to get the chat transferred to a person (live operator).
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