Web Widgets

You can install a web widget – that is, a chat on your website that your client will use to contact your company. Web widgets are easily installed and customized to fully match your corporate style. In your web widget, you can set up integration with WebPush notifications so that your clients could see messages from your agents even after they close the tab/page with the chat. Messages received via your web widget are instantly displayed in agent WP (according to the routing settings), and the chat story is saved from the very beginning.

You can send and receive the following event types in your web widget:

  • Text messages (including the ones with emojis in them)
  • Messages with attachments (image, file, text and image/file)
  • Messages with quotes
  • Messages in the Markdown format (formatted using specific symbols and syntax)
  • Voice messages. After you record a message, you can play, pause, and rewind it. To delete an unsent voice message, cancel sending it. You can’t delete sent voice messages.

For the detailed instructions on how to place a web widget on your website, as well as how to configure and customize its elements, refer here.

Web Widget Capabilities

Clients using your web widget can do the following:

  • See when the agent is typing (that is, their typing status)
  • See the read status of their message
  • Quote their own or agent/chatbot’s message
  • See the unread message counter, if the web widget was minimized when new messages were received or if the chat history was scrolled up
  • Review the agent’s avatar
  • Review system messages edna Chat Center sends (for example, about the average waiting time, being transferred to another agent, etc).
  • Accept or decline the request to close the thread early
  • Rate their experience after they finish their chat

The clients will see a chat invitation button if they are on a specific page, or after they spend a specific period of time on the page, as set by the system administrator.

If the client receives a message when they do not have the tab/page with the chat opened, they can receive WebPush notifications, but your system administrator must configure it first.

Chatbots it Web Widgets

You can configure your web widget so that when your client chats with a chatbot, specific buttons are available for them in the chat area (so-called quick reply buttons). After your clients clicks one of the buttons, they send a quick reply to the bot. Your administrator can also configure it so that when a bot sends quick reply buttons, only they are available, and the message input filed is blocked.

Unauthorized Web Widget

In an unauthorized web widget, your clients can fill in a welcome form and specify their name, phone number, and email address so that you could contact them. This information is only available to agents and supervisors in edna Chat Center. The display of the welcome forms is configured by system administrators.

Web Widget After Hours

When your web widget is unavailable:

  • In unauthorized widgets, a feedback form is available to clients. There they can leave their contact details and send a message (if the edna Chat Center administrator configured such a form in their admin WP). A supervisor can then see this message in Feedback Report and contact the client, if necessary.
  • In authorized widgets, clients can send messages that the agents will then process during their working hours. This is available if configured by your administrator in their admin WP.
  • For both authorized and unauthorized widgets, your admin can restrict sending messages after hours or hide it altogether from the website page.

Note that if a client has an active thread when it is already after hours, the widget will still be available to them until the thread is closed.

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