Transferring WhatsApp Clients to New Platform – March

Starting March 1, we are transferring the WhatsApp clients to our new edna platform. The reasons for the transfer are as follows:

  • We have launched our new edna platform with new functionality. For more details about the platform, read this article and the current online help section.
  • The current edna Enterprise platform is outdated, and it’s time for us to close it.

Once transferred, you will notice the following changes:

  1. You will be able to use the new functionality of the edna platform.
  2. You will no longer pay for the WhatsApp service, but for the edna software license. However, the prices will remain the same.
  3. Your dashboard address will be changed starting March 1:
If you have any comments about the migration, please, contact your manager before March 1.

License Payment

We will transfer the amount of the edna Enterprise balance to the edna platform as an overdraft. This money will be used to pay for the March license fee. You might need to top up your balance in advance if the transferred amount is not enough.

The edna platform will automatically debit the March license fee from your balance on March 1. To find the recommendation fee for March go to Profile > Company profile and open the Payment > Balance replenishment tab.

For more details, refer to the License and Service Payments article.

Payment details will also be new on the edna platform.

What Data is Transferred

We will transfer the following data from your current personal dashboard in edna Enterprise to your dashboard in the edna platform:

  • Login and password
  • WhatsApp templates (operator templates)
  • API key and values of the callback URLs

We will not transfer the following:

  • Message history.
  • Broadcast history
  • Recipient lists (audience)

New edna Pulse

The following new functionality is available in the new edna platform:

  1. Various channels: SMS, Viber Business Messages, push notifications
  2. Cascades for sending broadcasts
  3. Configuring audience (that is, recipients of your broadcasts) with assigning tags and variables for them
  4. Advanced WhatsApp functionality: commercial and interactive messages
  5. Uploading accounting documents

For more details about the new platform, refer to the edna platform online help.

Your First Broadcast on edna Pulse

If you are currently sending broadcasts via your dashboard in edna Enterprise, then, to start broadcasts in edna, you need to do the following:

  1. Create custom templates based on the operator templates that we transferred from your edna Enterprise account. For more information, refer here.
  2. Configure a broadcast.

If you are currently sending WhatsApp broadcasts via our API, then, to start broadcasts in edna, you need to do the following:

  1. Change the URL of the message sending methods call in your system from<method> to<method>. This way, for example, a method for sending template messages must be replaced from с to

    Note that the API key value will remain the same.
  2. Test sending messages.

For more details on getting started with edna, refer here.


Will the messaging with my clients on WhatsApp be interrupted?

Do I need to do anything in Jivo for this migration?

Will anything change in Jivo after the migration?

Will the prices for WhatsApp change?

I do not want to migrate to the new platform on March 1. What will happen then?
In this case, from March 1, we will have to suspend the provision of WhatsApp services to you. Unfortunately, this is an unavoidable measure.

If you have any comments according the migration, please, contact your manager before March 1.

The text of this article is not the terms of the contract, and in case of contradictions between this text and the terms of the contract, the terms of the contract (the corresponding offer) apply. If you have any questions, please contact your edna manager or technical support

Transferring WhatsApp Clients to New Platform – April