Errors When Sending Messages

In this article, you can review possible errors that can occur when sending messages via edna API.

Code 400

RequestId is not uniqueThis RequestId has been already used. Use a new RequestId for each request.
Content not specifiedYou haven’t specified the content. Specify the content type and all its properties (for example, smsContent/viberContent/whatsappContent).
ContentType not specifiedYou haven’t specified the content type (for example, TEXT or IMAGE).
Text not specifiedYou haven’t filled in the text value.
Caption not specifiedYou haven’t filled in the signature value.
Action not specifiedYou haven’t filled in the value for the button action.
AttachmentName not specifiedYou haven’t specified the name of the attached document.
AttachmentName is too longThe name of the attached document is too long. Max length – 70 symbols.
Latitude not specifiedYou haven’t specified the latitude in the attached location.
Longitude not specifiedYou haven’t specified the longitude in the attached location.
Cascade not foundThe cascade ID is incorrect. Review the cascade list and correct the ID.
Request doesn’t contain content for all cascade stagesThe cascade contains more channels than specified. Add one more channel to the content object request.
Matched template not foundThe request body doesn’t match the template. Review and correct.

Code 401

Auth errorAuthorization error. Check the spelling and the expiration date of the API key

Code 404

Not foundNot found requested URL.

Code 405

Method not allowedThe HTTP request method is not allowed. Use POST, GET, and other methods according to the documentation.

Code 500

System errorServer error. Contact the support team.
This can happen if the request is incorrect. Check the relative location, availability, and fullness of all the properties of the request according to the documentation.
More error codes might be added. Please consider this when setting up the integration.
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